Anna possesses a rare combination of creative brilliance, business integrity, dynamic personality and spirit. I would highly recommend her… for I am totally confident that she will excel.

-Mike Watson, AIA, President & CEO


Anna is a real talent and a wonderful person.

-Charlie Kanet, Owner at Kanet Advertising


Anna is a teacher who has done an exemplary job in her area of expertise – teaching graphics. She has been a member of our coaching staff – as our Varsity Boys’ Soccer Coach and has been a very visible and supportive member of the ROHS staff attending numerous extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities. She has become a very valued member of our staff.

-Mr. Jim Moll, Principal, ROHS


Anna is an innovative and dedicated instructor. She is constantly striving to become better at her craft and in doing so her she has raised achievement levels and student engagement. One of her most admirable qualities is her ability to differentiate instruction. Teachers are ‘required’ to do this on a daily basis, but Anna does this effortlessly and genuinely, making sure “every” student receives quality education. She is a quality teacher and a quality person and would be a great addition to any staff or institution.

-Alyssa Reimold, Instructor & Designer


Everyone who has seen my headshots has made a point of, not only asking who took them, but also said what “great work that photographer does.” I’ve never had so many compliments on head shots, from people who see photos for a living!” Anna’s photography is head and shoulders above any professional picture I have ever had!

-Kristen Ritter, Wedding Newsletter Owner

I first met Ms. Lukezich during the interview process to find my replacement in May of 2010. She impressed me with her knowledge of the subject matter and her composure during the interview process. But more importantly, during my visits back to my classroom, I have watched a young lady who loves to teach and belongs in a classroom! Even more important are the comments of her students, my former students! I expected, maybe hoped, to hear them tell me about how they missed my methods of teaching, instead I heard about the many new lessons and methods they were learning! I cannot express how pleased I was to hear this! Transitions are not always this successful!

I can give Anna no greater recommendation than to call her a “Teacher”!

-Michael Stinnett, Milken Award Winner

Anna has been a beacon of professionalism and excellence at Royal Oak High School.  In her short time with us she has made an impact in a myriad of ways, in terms of curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular endeavors.  Her absence will be felt strongly within the halls of ROHS.

-Sam Lynch, Assistant Principal

We appreciate all of Anna’s support and acceptance of Dylan.  We appreciate all she does to adapt to Dylan’s needs in order for him to learn.  Anna has been truly inspirational.  Our family owes her so much gratitude.  Thank you for showing all of us what Dylan is able to accomplish with the correct guidance!

-Donna Yates, ROHS Parent


Anna is energetic, dependable, creative, professional, and dynamic. She celebrates the unique personalities and abilities of each of her students. She builds connections that enable her students to thrive academically and creatively in a supportive and nurturing environment.

-Kariann Orth, ROHS Graphic’s Instructor


Miss Lukezich did an outstanding job as our Head Boys’ Soccer Coach in her first year. She has high expectations for herself. Consequently, her expectations for her players equal that as well. Her PR skills have also been great for our community outreach. It has been a pleasure to work with her.

-Brian Gordon, Assistant Principal & Athletic Director